Unifor Backs First Nations In Opposition of Pipeline Project

fist nationsThe Northern Gateway Pipeline project is set to receive further opposition following a decision by Energy Workers Union group, Unifor to join forces with First Nations. The Unifor group is the largest private sector union in Canada, representing over 300,000 workers nationwide. The members of the union that work in nearly all the sectors in the economy and including sectors in mining, construction and oil.

First Nations representatives signed a declaration in 2010 which aims to ban pipelines and oil tankers from crossing ocean migration routes of Fraser river salmon or British British Columbia. Unifor has promised to lend its support in civil disobedience, if the Northern Gateway Pipeline project goes ahead.

Unifor is not the only group that is throwing its support behind First Nations. Other groups that have joined in opposing the pipeline project include B.C Teachers Federation, local tourism industry members, and health and conservation organisations.