NDP Decides To Affect Change

TMWith a statement from the leader of NDP, Tom Mulcair, Canadian energy policies and practices are likely to begin changing. Business and social groups have been calling for energy reform in Canada so that First Nations and the economy can both benefit from revised policies.


The plans by Mulcair include strengthening the power of this arm of government so that it cannot be overruled by Parliament. This can help projects to get accomplished faster and for profits to be infused into the Canadian economy. However, these sames rule changes could allow the energy industry to push through projects that may not meet with public opinion or environmental standards.


The plan by Mulcair is designed to propose to the Canadian people what would happen if his party were in power across the board in Canadian government. With a strong focus on economic expansion, Mulcair is hoping to make sure Canada is energy-efficient and solvent while it still has a chance.

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