Canadian Energy Gridlock In The Future?

gridlockBusiness and First Nation leaders are calling for changes in the energy development industries of Canada before it is too late. The leaders feel that a culture that opposes everything will leave the country in a state of gridlock in energy development that could literally bring the land of the maple leaves to its knees.

Shale oil drilling in Quebec and the Northern Gateway pipeline are just two examples used by the committee of business and First Nation leaders. They realize that profits can be large and developments beneficial if the country stops its overall culture of opposing anything that has to do with traditional energy sources.

The profits and jobs that can be created through these projects will lost forever if the country does not develop in a timely manner. While the committee agrees that environmental and aboriginal concerns must be addressed, the committee also knows that Canada will be stuck in an energy crisis, alienated from surrounding nations, if it does not work to become more energy self-sufficient like the U.S.

The committee’s argument is clear. They wish for all environmental and aboriginal concerns to be addressed before it is too late for these projects to be completed successfully.