Partnership Between Canada and the European Union Keeps Getting Stronger

EU CanadaOn the 8th of September, Catherine Ashton (High Representative of the Union of Foreign Affairs) and John Baird (Foreign Affairs Minister) signed a joint strategic partnership agreement. This is definitely a great step when it comes to the partnership between Canada and the European Union.

The signed document outlines several important things, such as energy security, research co-operation, money laundering, cybercrime, organized crime, and of course, law enforcement. Canada and the European Union still have to undertake legal reviews of the agreement before it is considered as a final deal.

At the moment, Canada and the European Union are about to seal the deal in their negotiating of a free trade agreement. The European Union and Canada share a common vision of prosperity and peace for all of Europe; therefore, their partnership will more than likely augment as the years go by.

Canada is the first G7 nation to sign this type of deal with the European Union. This partnership that includes law enforcement and energy will just make the bond between Canada and the European Union much stronger.

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